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  • Closeup of melons on vines

Fall on the Farm

We are reflecting on the wonderful growing season we experienced in the valley this year and are feeling gratitude for the bountiful harvest. Now we begin the winter prep phase as we are at the precipice of the rainy season & things are shifting at the farm. 

We've spread our cover crops to protect and nourish the soil and added tons of wood chip mulch to hold the weeds back and prevent rain erosion. Despite having a cold wet spring, we had a boomer harvest of bouquet flowers, including 600 feet of dahlias over the year. They continued to flower until our recent first frost. After we harvest our dry farmed delicata squash this month we'll be planting our fall garlic in the same field. We are growing a new fingerling potato variety that is part of the open source seed initiative. Its parentage is from the local heirloom potato, maka ozette. There is a great interview about this on the OSSI podcast here. We currently have four types of shiso and 6 types of basil. As far as veggies, we harvested spinach, cabbage, tomatoes, green beans, cucumbers, cucamelons, peppers and potatoes.

We've also been selling culinary herbs to customers in our Tasting Room and to local chefs. 

We'll be selling some of our dahlia tubers this year so keep an eye out for details in late November.

Looking back through the Matthews farm at rows of produce and flowers with the tasting room in the background
Closeup of red and yellow flowers
Looking down a row of lush green produce on the farm
White dahlias at dusk with string lights behind
Green apples hanging from a branch
Green produce, vines and trees along the side of the Matthews tasting room building
String lights along a wood trellis at dusk
Magenta flowers in the foreground and Matthews farm kitchen in the background
Closeup of green leaves in the farm


Make sure to peruse the Matthews Market inside the Woodinville Tasting Room during your upcoming visit. We still have some fresh produce and herbs from the farm that are in season now. Items will have both retail and member pricing. Only available while supplies lasts!

Flower arrangements, herbs and produce on a table for Matthews wine club members to purchase
Italian basil in small posts for sale
Two Adirondack chairs under a white umbrella in the Matthews farm
View of the white tents in front of the Matthews tasting room with customers seating at tables tasting
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