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Back to the (farm) Future

Together, we've just crossed a significant milestone.

Tallying up the last 8 years, through our farm-to-table dinners, CSA program, Matthews-At-Home boxes, food at our wine releases, and other farm projects, our fans have enabled Matthews to contribute over $450,000 back into our local farm economy. This is directly through our collective purchases of food, goods and services.

By doing this, our fans have made Matthews one of the largest privately-owned contributors to local farms of any winery in western Washington.

It's clear our Members love food + wine.

As detailed here on our blog in 2017, our “not-so-secret” formula has always been Food + Wine + People = Community. There is a special kind of magic that can happen during an evening, or over a lifetime, when all these ingredients are married together perfectly.

We are so grateful for our Members and fans supporting us this way. We can't wait to continue these partnerships.

So, here we are… 2022, back to the (farm) future. A new season arrives, and with it, the promise of gathering again.

For our Members and fans, a few exciting announcements:

  1. Farm-to-Table Dinners will return in 2022. New locations! They will look different, but we hope they will feel the same!
  2. Our spring plantings are underway! Dahlias, herbs and produce are expected by June. Seeds are beginning to sprout in the greenhouse, with some new additions this year from a special seed source.
  3. There will be greater integration between our farm and our Members. Expect more farm related flavors and experiences during release pickups and your reservations for wine tastings.
  4. And, another Exciting Surprise Related to the farm is coming in the months ahead…

Additionally, we have been fortunate to have Tonnemaker Family Farms helping grow and maintain a portion of our Woodinville Farm. Tonnemaker is both based in Woodinville and Royal City, coincidentally only one mile away from many of our vineyards along the Royal Slope.

When visiting our Woodinville winery + tasting room, remember to stop by the Tonnemaker retail stand to pick up some produce + flowers. It's located directly across the street, and features organic produce, seasonally grown both in Woodinville and Royal City.

Stay tuned for a 2022 to remember!

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