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Our 2019 harvest has started!

Looking down a vineyard row, with golden wheat fields in the background and a worker in the distance picking grapes
A vineyard post with a small yellow tag reading Sauv Blanc
Looking down on a small yellow bin of white grape clusters sitting on the ground
A males hand reaching for a grape cluster on the vine to inspect it
A white lab puppy laying in the shade of a vine
A worker pouring a small yellow bin of white grapes into a large white bin behind a tractor
Vineyard owner Dick Boushey standing in front of some vineyard rows and smiling at the ground
A male in a white shirt holding a cluster of grapes from a large white bin
A females hand leaning over a large white bin to pick up a cluster of white grapes

Our 2019 Harvest has started, and we are thrilled with its potential. Recently we traveled out to the vineyards to capture a bit of the early morning magic. Enjoy and look for more photos soon.

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